July 21, 2002

Don't Throw Out Your

Don't Throw Out Your TV...Yet

You won't find this happening often out of this weblog...a TV recommendation! GASP!

We have a TV. It makes a nice notepad where we doodle messages to ourselves in the dust on the screen. But I have a moment of weakness every once in a while; or more recently, an incapacitating episode of back pain, and I plop down with the remotest hope there is something on worth watching. Yesterday, there was.

DO see Door to Door. Next airing on TNT is Sunday, July 28th @ 10:15pm(ET).

Based on a true story, the main character Bill Porter sales on, even (reluctantly) has his own webpage. Afflicted with cerebral palsy, this man refused to be defeated by his handicap, and has touched the lives of many, many 'whole' people, making us realize that it is the soul inside that we should see in our daily encounters with others.

Posted by fred1st at July 21, 2002 07:58 AM
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