July 17, 2002

Garden of Delights So,

Garden of Delights

So, here is where all the country-fried vegetable, weed and insect lore that appears in Fragments originates. And no, that is NOT the house in the background.

This is the first garden worth any account that we have had in 15 years of working a combined 80+ hours a week between the two of us. We now have a gardener around to tend it. Me. This is my job. Gardens do not thrive on neglect. We've tried that for 15 years. Trust me.

This one is rather weeny...about a fourth of what we used to have when I was teaching and had most of the summers off. But then there were four mouths to feed, now two. There will be more squash and corn than we can eat, probably also enough tomatoes to can. Gonna be serious about getting in a Fall garden this year, too.

And this year particularly, the garden has served almost the role of a pet. Losing a job, probably a career, it is nice to know I am needed, that my presence is of some benefit to some bunch of creatures somewhere. I do, however, ultimately plan to eat them. Although if anybody rats on me, I will deny it.

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