July 17, 2002

Fractured Folk Wisdom It

Fractured Folk Wisdom

It was time for the patients in the gym to go to their daily visit with the clinical psychologist. This was the routine in the pain management program where I was on staff, but not all our clients were enthusiastic about meeting with the 'shrink'. Mr. Smith had been especially resistant.

Mr. Smith was a simple man with a particuluarly curious abdominal pain complaint (a hernia of some sort, I think) that he described in detail as being "like they was a squirrel tryin' to come up outta ma belly right here, I can even see its little head a pokin' up tryin' to get out, and I hafta take my hand a poke it back down in there". (The staff suggested in our private rounds that perhaps if we offered the rodent it a peanut, it would just come on out, and Mr. Smith could go back to work.) But this is beside the point.

On this particular day, I told Mr. Smith that it was time for group session with the psychologist and he would have to head on down the hall. I expected the typical grousing and stalling. Instead, he brightens up quite unexpectedly, and jumps right up and starts down the hallway.

As he leaves he says to me: "Ya know, I didn't care much for that mental mumbo-jumbo at first. But I tell, ya, I'm starting to believe that there is really something to that GAZEBO EFFECT".

I never see one of those little latticed, peaked-cap, vine covered garden structures but what I wonder if it might not be just what I need to go stand there for a spell and let it work its magic on me. I have my own squirrels too, you know.

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