July 16, 2002

And Noah said to

And Noah said to the Lord: "What's Gopher Wood?"...

Let me get this straight: 1973 during a period of extreme warming, the ice melts on the south side of Mt. Ararat. A certain Mr. Crawford buys a copy of the high resolution satellite photo of the area. He spots a large, rectangular shape of something exposed under the retreating ice. Dimensions are approximately those given in Genesis of the Ark of Noah. Within a half mile of the site, stone inscriptions in Sumerian characters are found that are interpreted to say "GOD'S SACRIFICIAL COVENANT OF THE SKY-BRIGHT BOW (RAINBOW), GO FORTH, PROCREATE, AND BE FRUITFUL".

Man, if they get in there and find a boat made of gopher wood and signs of a vast variety of 6000 year old animal dung, there's gonna be a lot of scurrying about for alternate theories to explain away this 'myth' long dismissed as a children's story. Stay tuned...

Thanks to Bigwig for the lead to this story...

Posted by fred1st at July 16, 2002 04:58 PM
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