July 12, 2002

Entropy and Ennui Journal:

Entropy and Ennui

Journal: 12 July 02
Re our dinner guests last night: a good outcome in spite of/because of the eternal dance between man and wife of should-must-ought against could-might-whatever. Perhaps if it were not for occasional expected guests, the house actually would follow the laws of entropy, as she believes, to ultimate non-viable disorder. Perhaps not. At any rate, this request: should new friends or old decide to make the long journey to Goose Creek, just show up: don't call ahead.

It has been a glass-half-empty sort of morning. Don't know why. Sun spots. Biorhythms. That time of the month. I have overcome inertia this morning only by doing. Not thinking, writing or planning. Doing. I am pleasantly tired, sweaty, and smell like walnut branches and gasoline. If the General in charge of Hygiene and Dinner Guest Preparation were here, I would be de-licing and looking for the soap-on-a-rope. Instead, I stink, therefore, I am.

Sometimes you just have to do something, even if it is not the right thing. Not to imply it is wrong, just maybe not the celestially-ordained thing that won't announce itself, whose cursed intangibility can petrify one to inaction. There is something about having a product for your efforts that reading and writing do not produce. Remedy: grab at least 5 likely tools, even with no particular project in mind, and go see what calls out to you...like the sculptor who takes the block of wood unformed and divines from its heft and grain and smell the carved creature that is already in it. Chain saw, swing blade, pruning saw, limb axe, one black labrador retriever and a truck. And the figure in the wood begins to show itself to me. Kind of. The glass is now 52% full and that's a start.

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