July 11, 2002

Are WE Dirty Bombers?

Are WE Dirty Bombers?

If you look at the health effects of munitions used by the hundreds of tons n Bosnia and Iraq, weapons that radioactively poison people have already been used...by NATO forces, including the US. Is this okay?

Quotes below excerpted from Common Dreams article by John LaForge.

...In January 2001, the world press finally discovered depleted uranium (DU) weapons(1), the super hard munitions made with waste U-238 -- an alpha emitter with a radioactive half-life of 4.5 billion years. Nine years of radiation-induced death, disease, and birth abnormalities in Iraq did not move major news organizations to investigate, but the deaths from leukemia of 15 Western Europeans -- after their participation in military missions in Bosnia and Kosovo -- prompted the major media, the European Parliament and 11 European governments to launch investigations into the health and environmental consequences of what Dr. Rosalie Bertell calls "shooting radioactive waste at your enemy." ...

...Because the U.S. government has known since at least 1984 about the poisonous effects of its DU warfare, the commanders of its bombing raids over Iraq, Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan may well hope the White House wins its fight for immunity in the International Criminal Court. If not, the Pentagons dirty bomb contamination may move from the gene pool and the water table into the court room.

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