July 10, 2002

The Beginning of Life

The Beginning of Life as We Know It

Well bloggeroos and bloggerettes: I have been hammering the keys these past weeks, journaling my various visions and whimsies, stripping paint off of old pine and gardening, happily filling the time between my previous employment and the job that seemed to lie just ahead in the future. Until yesterday, everything was pretty much in place for me to move right in to a nice, comfy setting that would provide enough income to pay the mortgage but allow me time to continue with projects on the home place here, and to dabble with the weblog and other more creative hobbies.

This is not to be, thanks to horrendous reductions in certain insurance reimbursement for PT services. So, that was Plan A. For the first time in my life, I don't have a Plan B. (Unless one can make a life's work out of drinking coffee). Basically, this change represents the end of a 13 year career in physical therapy, and that is a rather major realization that is sinking in this morning.

But this is not a disaster; it is an unique opportunity! Wise man, not finding gold digs in another place. Hand me the shovel, I might as well get started.

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