July 09, 2002

100 Things about Me!!!!!

100 Things about Me!!!!!

And finally, my only bad habits:

99: I whistle. The theme from the High and the Mighty is my favorite. Most of my whistling has somewhat the register and tremulo of a musical saw: the world's most hated 'instrument'. I whistle when I'm happy. More often than not, I whistle when I'm up to my elbows in alligators and want the people around me to think I am casual, in charge and chipper. More people have told me that they enjoy my whistling than have asked me to stop. My wife is consistently in the latter group.

100: I play the accordion. Let me amend that. I have an accordion and at one time (during my teenage years) I played it with some degree of regularity and modest virtuosity. I have since learned, from my wife, that at least in some circles (and my wife is definitely part of this particular circle) the musical saw is strongly preferred to the accordion. In fact, I have heard it said:

A gentleman is someone who knows how to play the accordion. But doesn't.

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