July 05, 2002

Okay everyone, remain calm...

Okay everyone, remain calm...

It seems that all is not well in hooville tonight. We Bloggervillians have not been able to modify our templates for the past eight hours or so. Consequently, I have not been able to make additions to my weblogs sidebar and was really hoping to put maybe three more recent discoveries on my tiny but slowly growing list.

I tend to gravitate to log-writers who appear to have fun with their topics (though certainly not all topics are humourous or lite) without taking themselves too seriously. Moreover, they do so with style (both verbal and in their layout) and are channels through which I can find other similar bloggers.

Matter of fact, I am just starting to have some daily reads that I look forward to keeping up with. Some even occasionally drop by Fragments here to read an entry or two, post a comment, or send a wee bit of traffic our way by mentioning something that is going on here on Goose Creek in their weblogs. Amazingly, Fragments is turning up in the logs-list of a few of my fellow bloggers and I am most flattered and appreciative; I will try not to embarass you by association.

Having just the tinyest wee bit of a sense of community here, ya'll.

But template changes will have to wait. Hope all of you are having a safe and enriching holiday. Think cool thoughts.

Posted by fred1st at July 5, 2002 07:48 PM
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