July 04, 2002

More of HOW MANY

More of HOW MANY ROADS now posted!

The next installment (duh...not the next chapter, I sorta screwed up and got them out of sequence a bit) is now posted on YourDailyPhred. It isn't too long for you slow readers.

For those of you who don't know (where have you been...under a rock!), the future book (oh PulllEEZZZZE) is about our son Nathan's adventure in which he threw himself on the mercy of strangers between Maine and Virginia in his foot travels down the backroads of our country. He was convinced that good people inhabit places that have obscure names. His parents weren't so sure. He was right. And he had BIG ANGELS!

Posted by fred1st at July 4, 2002 09:03 PM
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