July 04, 2002

CMS Disease In all

CMS Disease

In all my recent house chores, now that I am househusband for a while, I have tools strewn about, with divers tasks in various stages of incompletion. Many of them require the use of a cordless drill. For want of a nail the battle is lost. I can't find my chuck key.

So for almost a week, I am stuck with the paint stirring attachment frozen tight in the jaws of the drill. Finally, I make the excursion to Home Depot and purchase a key; not the one that came with the drill, of course. That one ALWAYS stayed in its appointed clip right on the tool; I was religious about putting it back every time I used it. Dang. Don't know how I could have lost it, but now I am headed home with a replacement and can get on with my tasks.

Screws are in the sack, shelving brackets and seed are in the sack. No drill chuck key in the sack from Home Depot. Rats! So the next time I am near a store (Tuesday), I bought another one. I really needed it so I could get the shelves up in the store room.

Yesterday, I pull the shelf brackets out of the bag, and THERE is the Home Depot chuck key. Now I have two. Great! You idiot. So I fetch the useless drill from the shed and prepare to remove the paint stirring tool and finish the jobs that have languished now for almost two weeks. The HORROR! There, just so in its appointed place on the handle of the drill, is the original key I "lost" two weeks ago. Arrgggghhhhh!

Now I have THREE drill keys, the humbling story of a SENIOR MOMENT, and confirmation of the formerly-tentative diagnosis of CMS. (Can't 'member S - - -). Anybody seen my glasses?

Posted by fred1st at July 4, 2002 08:17 AM
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