July 03, 2002

Goose Creek: Finding Our

Goose Creek: Finding Our Place ~ Part One

If you are family, or friends, or complete strangers who have stopped by this old house and talked with us during past three years, you have probably heard the story of how we came to settle here. You can just scroll on up to the next story, (half)witicism, bromide or sound-bite...nothing new for you here.

If you are new to Goose Creek, you might find some of this worth knowing, so that when you visit Fragments, you will know where we put the key, and come on in and make yourself at home. We certainly are. At last.

Can't say that I have any set ideas about where this might take us. I'll try not to get too long winded with it. It would probably be good to include a few pictures. Think of this as an abbreviated family album about how Fred and Ann found their place in the country.

A book synopsis might read: Middle-aged couple find semi-abandoned farm in rural southwest Virginia county and set out to breathe life into the 130 year old farmhouse.

Updated on a whim, every once in a while, when the spirit moves. Check back for sporadic installments, especially during periods of heat or (much less likely) prolonged rain when Fred can't be outside.

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