July 01, 2002

Potpouri ~~Fragment~~ I got


~~Fragment~~ I got an email this morning from my Mom, accusing me of CORN PORN, for the A-maize-ing entry from yesterday. She reminded me of her first lesson from me re: the birds and the bees when I taught her about the sex life of a Pink Ladies Slipper on one of our walks in the woods here many years ago.

~~Fragment~~ How to remove corn from the cob: Cut on the Bias. Susanna Cornett started this corny exchange with her fried corn recipe from a few weeks back. Also appreciated her comments on the Footprint entry where we obviously see the issue as half-empty and half-full respectively (or is it the other way round?) This thread may call for a rejoinder! Somebody that knows what they are talking about is welcome to take over my role.

~~Fragment~~ I am pleased to note Fragments listed among the 'read blogs' (at the very end of the page) on a very nice, newly-discovered (at least by me) weblog from Planet Brooklyn. I will add HairyEyeBall to my links list later today, and gladly. Drop by and visit.

TGIM! Right? Anyone?

Posted by fred1st at July 1, 2002 05:47 AM
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