June 30, 2002

Starving Artist Now that

Starving Artist

Now that the concert is behind him and he has a job lined up in Vermont for later this summer, Nate will probably return to the notion of finding a publisher for his book, How Many Roads, about his sojourn on foot between Bar Harbour and Goose Creek, and in particular, about the people who touched his life on that journey.

I will ask him later today if I can post another chapter to my auxilliary weblog. Some of you have commented that you have read and enjoyed the first couple of chapters. If interested, I suggest reading about Frank Kingsley , one of my favorites among quite a few distinctively American eccentrics the boy was blessed to meet and know as he followed his naive nose home.

I'll let you know if additional chapters are posted. Anybody that has an uncle in the publishing business, let us know.

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