June 30, 2002

After the Ball is

After the Ball is Over

The 'gig' last night went very well, considering. We were using another performer's sound system, with no mic check before our turn to imitate entertainment. It was well received and we all felt like it was worth the effort. The best part was the thrown-together practice session Saturday morning and afternoon in our front room here, where we heard what we would sound like for the first time, ran through everything two or three times and said, 'let's do it!'

I was recruited to participate on Thursday, started out gonna 'do just one' with me, pappa, and ended up singing on seven of the thirteen numbers we did. That was fun. I couldn't really see the audience much for the lights, but I am sure you were all out there. Right?

Posted by fred1st at June 30, 2002 06:51 AM
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