June 28, 2002

Lost in Space I

Lost in Space

I have had maybe a dozen calls from a PT recruiter begging me, offering more and more $$ for me to PLEASE come and help them out at the Failing Arms Nursing Home, to do Medicare evaluations.

"It's very near where you live, in Shawsville" she said. She told me the name of the facility, then a later conversation when I could not find it in the phone book, she gave me the road name. Later, the telephone number and that it was between Hiway 29 and 64.

I kept saying things like "I'm not familiar with that street" and "I am not aware of a hiway 64 in Shawsville". We continued this dance off and on for about three weeks.

She became a bit indignant, assured me that SHE had been to the very facility and it did indeed exists, and did I think she was crazy? I assured her that if she had been there and was sure it was in Shawsville between Salem and Christiansburg, then it must be there and I was the idiot. She was sure of her facts, and maybe I should just call and get directions from someone at the facility.

With a bit more research (like the AREA CODE she gave me that just did not compute), I come to learn that all the stated facts about the facility fit if applied to CHARLOTTESVILLE...three hours away from where I live! Yes both towns have the SH sound up front and 'ville' on the end. But they are not interchangeable, honey.

It was with a certain amount of glee that I left a message on this young lady's machine after confirming that she indeed was the LOST SOUL, suggesting that, if she gets paid by placing therapists in facilities, it might be very helpful for her to have a map, learn how to read it, and develop some sense of where she was on the planet so that she could get Therapist A to Point B. Wonder if she is blond? Should we send out a search party?

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