June 27, 2002

Many Parts Are Edible:

Many Parts Are Edible: Fred goes Wild

I have decided to take the jujitsu approach to vegetable gardening: "let the force of your opponent work to your advantage". I am going to cultivate and eat the weeds.

Nothing new for Nature-boy here, really. You wouldn't believe the 'wild foods' I have inflicted on my poor trusting family. There were the milkweed pods that turned bright green and looked like sea slugs; the elderberry jelly that inadvertently was populated by stink bugs; the tooth-cracking touch-me-not faux hickory nut cookies; and the ramps (wild mountain onions) I brought home at which point my wife said that if THEY were coming IN, then SHE was going OUT!

So by comparison, turning garden weeds into potherbs and salads is not that radical. Actually both of the plants I have in mind are cultivated to some degree in Europe (where both are native, spread as 'exotics' to the 'new country'.)

I'll let you do the homework. Check out both purslane and lambs quarters.

Extra credit to the one who can identify the source of "Many Parts Are Edible". Anyone? Anyone?

Posted by fred1st at June 27, 2002 10:07 PM
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