June 24, 2002

Into the Mouths of

Into the Mouths of Babes

Well it seems like time to post another image or two. This one is from my recent visit to Wyoming to visit my daughter and family, including 16 month old Abby here.

Little Miss Abby had refused the chicken prepared her for supper. But when the visiting stray cat was offered the same meal, it started looking a whole lot better. And why not cut out the middleman...eat without hands, right out of the dish!

Not that anyone asked: I use a Nikon Coolpix 950. As you will note if you have seen prior images posted here, I am fond of rendering nature scenes in a painterly manner through Photoshop (as a wannabe oil painter...'one of these days'). I typically don't apply the same treatment to people pix but this NormanRockwellian image of child eating from cat dish just seemed to suggest that to me.

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