June 22, 2002

The World Comes to

The World Comes to Floyd County

The jury is out on whether this September shindig will bode well or ill for tiny, out-of-the-flow Floyd County. The Floyd World Music Festival is expected to draw at least 10,000, with performers like David Grisman, Tony Rice, Sam Bush, and including Floyd County residents Solazo...rumour has it that Willie Nelson is considering a visit.

It will be held on the rim of the Blue Ridge, just off the Parkway, near Chatteau Morrisette Winery. The biggest concern for many is road congestion and the lack of lodging and eating accommodations in the county. Hmmm...bet we could rent rooms at a sweet price for a couple of nights.

This event will put Floyd on the map. It is already a bit of a mecca for both the new-agey artsy-fartsy types, and the older retirement types for which Ann and I are understudies. Land prices are going up considerably, and pressure will likely build to provide all the 'necessities and comforts' of city life for many who might move here. At present, we have a single traffic light, no Walmart, and a distinctly progressive-rural population that seems to co-exist in relative harmony.

I would hate to see this area become another Blowing Rock (NC) where tacky cheaply-built chalets face each other from opposing peaks, only the rich can play, and you can't get there from here for the traffic of summer home Flor-idiots (sand gypsies). It would be okay with selfish me if Floyd County remained a well-kept secret.

Please disregard this post. I am making the whole thing up. Floyd County is a fiction of my imagination, like Camelot, ShangraLa, Tralfamador. There used to be a Floyd County, but it was cancelled. Shooo...go away.

Posted by fred1st at June 22, 2002 05:55 AM

Love the place-am moving-can I get info sent to my e-mail address-or to my new home address-
24 Japonica Drive
Cincinnati, Ohio 45218

Posted by: Beverly Murphy at November 11, 2003 08:58 AM

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