June 18, 2002

I'm gonna sit right

I'm gonna sit right down and burn myself a letter...

Thanks to Newton'sKumquat for the link to this pathetic situation:

CASTLE ROCK, Colo., June 17 -- She spent a rugged life in the outdoors, wearing the ranger's green uniform, planting trees and warning careless campers that, as Smokey Bear puts it, "only you can prevent forest fires."

But when Terry Lynn Barton appeared this morning before a federal magistrate in Denver, she was dressed in jailhouse blues and charged with deliberately setting the worst wildfire in Colorado history -- and doing it as she burned a letter from her estranged husband.

Barton faces three federal felony counts: setting a fire, destroying federal property and lying to fire investigators. She faces up to 20 years in prison and $750,000 in fines. State or county officials also could prosecute charges against her.

Lesson:flush, don't burn.

There could be a heap of catchy titles for this tale, with all the love-song allusions to fire, smoke, rejection and calamitous endings. I will be flying through the blue haze from these fires today between Rapid City and Denver, will let you know if I come with something.

Home again on Wednesday. Thanks to all who have visited the weblog, left comments, sent emails or generally wondered how Nature-boy here was doing in Wyoming. It's been great, and I anticipate feeling quite clostrophobic for my first day or so back in the snug cleavage of Appalachian valleys once again. Boy, I could use some GREEN in my surroundings again, though.

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