June 16, 2002

First Fragments from the

First Fragments from the West

~*~ First time to see at least two dozen unidentified mountain wildflowers. My internet queries before the trip had prepared me for a sparse flora, but that is the fault of poor internet resources for Wyoming, not an impoverished flora! I could have spent all day in a two-acre glade identifying and photographing. Known plants: lupine, larkspur, shooting star, Sierra stonecrop, phlox sp., Wyoming paintbrush, lots of others identified roughly to family.

~*~ First experience of being quite comfortable when the temp is >80 degrees. The wonderful deciduous forests back home sure pump a lot of plant breath into the air (hence the blueness of the Blue Ridge, the smokiness of the Smokies) and contribute to the oppressive feeling of heat plus humidity (in the 60% range in VA and 25% ballpark here in WY). No water, no green. That is the price we pay for trees.

~*~ First time to see mule deer, antelope, pronghorns, and a moose in the wild!

~*~ First time to spend 5 hours in the car with my daughter driving, or to travel at 80 miles an hour with her at the wheel and without severe white-knuckles.

~*~ Farthest west and highest elevation ever (checking on this, I REALLY need to get that Delorme 3D map software, Santa).

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