June 11, 2002

Ballycastle Beach, Northern Ireland

Ballycastle Beach, Northern Ireland

Here I am getting what a countryfied coworker long ago called "journey-proud". I have a trip coming up; an infrequent traveler, it is a big-ish deal. In getting down the luggage, I found the airline tickets from London Gatwick still attached, from our Ireland trip last spring. Our son was in an exchange program at Queens U in Belfast, we went over for a brief and wonderful week.

Our last full day there, we hopped a local bus on a cool and misty day, and traveled the backroads to Ballycastle, far north on the Northern Ireland coast. We had no tour guide, no particular objective in mind, just to see at least one fragment of non-touristy Ireland.

When I ponder on the image above, I can recall the smell of the salt spray and seaweed, feel the biting seawinds, hear the seagulls, and remember how good it felt to be 'lost but found' in a strange land with my son, my wife, and my mother.

May my pending travels leave me with similar memories.

Posted by fred1st at June 11, 2002 06:13 AM

Ooh, It's my home town.... sniffle...

Isn't it lovely!


Posted by: James at September 16, 2004 06:01 PM

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