June 10, 2002

Goody Goody! Things are

Goody Goody! Things are looking up.

~~Fragment~~After two weeks of stripping, scraping, steelwooling, and cussing, the steps are almost ready for the sander. Through pink paint on top of burgundy paint on top of some very ancient blue stain (probably original, on 130 yr old heart-pine treads), through snow and storm and dark of night. The sanding will take a couple of days, can't put the hands through too much contact with the vibrating death-grip Porter-Cable. Pictures to come soon.

~~Fragment~~Thanks to Susanna Cornett for the FRIED CORN RECIPE. Our Silver Queen is only about mid-shin high (and another batch is ankle high) so it will be a while before we can try this dish. Susanna does indicate that it would be helpful to remove the worms from the ears prior to preparation.

~~Fragment~~I (alas) may have to shed my pink taffeta house dress and crystal slippers and become a skullery maid, er physical therapist, once again. A position has been approved, and an application came off the net and went completed into the mail today. I may have some room to negotiate for less than full time, and in our struggle for life-pace-control, this is my first option. We need TIME in our spaces more than we need to save more and more for the Flaccid Arms Rest Home retirement program.

~~Fragment~~And lastly, I am going to Wyoming on Wednesday! YeeeeeeHa! I fly in to Rapid City, SD and my lovely daughter will ferry me back to her place, about two hours away. You can expect some weblog entries FROM and ABOUT my trip, pictures also a likely possibility.

Posted by fred1st at June 10, 2002 04:29 PM

I came onto your site looking for slippers, adn I found some nice writing and journal keeping instead.
Thanks--sorry I peeked where I wasn't family...

Posted by: Judith at December 19, 2002 03:13 AM

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