June 10, 2002

Revenge of the Ampersand?

Revenge of the Ampersand?

All is not well in BLogLand.

I have been (slightly) encouraged to continue in the care and feeding of this weblog since installing GeoCounter on May 28. Not getting a huge number of hits, but enough to reinforce my aimless verbosity for a bit longer. Got YACCS commenting too, not long ago, and all was well with Fragments.

Now, GeoCounter server is gone for the past three days and like so many 'freebies' it may never come back up for a final gulp of air before sinking under the weight of server-overload. So, I hunted around this morning for a replacement and seemed to be okay with CQ Counter. They emailed me the script, smooth sailing. NOT.

My problem possibly has something to do with javascript, which I understand to be the written language of those living in the Indonesian archipelago. It appears there is a problem with ampersands in the Blogger template editing window, so I cannot make changes to my template. No changes at all. So, no replacement counter. I am at the mercy of Blogger helpdesk. Any recommendations out there? If you visit Fragments, please just leave a hash mark here on the screen: ||||\ ||| ||\| |||

Posted by fred1st at June 10, 2002 07:43 AM
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