June 07, 2002

Duct Tape Confessions. I'm

Duct Tape Confessions. I'm not proud of this.

Wednesday I was creative. After holding the phone MUSAKed ad nauseum for more than an hour with Olympus tech support, bumping slowly higher and higher up the Heirarchy of Incompetence, I was thinking that I might suffer permanent elbow joint changes holding the danged phone to my ear for so long. You can't even cradle this little cordless between your neck and shoulder (a posture that provides its own musculoskeletal risks!)

So, withp l e n t y of time on my hands (and idle hands are the devil's workshop, ya know) I resorted to invention. I grabbed my cap off the rack, ferreted the Duct Tape out of the drawer, and taped the phone to my cap. Voila! Hands free for 21 more games of Mindsweeper while I waited. Another victory for problem-solving Physical Therapy Man! (To be fair, I acknowledge that this would probably be coded more appropriately under Occupational Therapy. Apologies to my daughter.)

Hey, others have been creative with the life-force known as Duct Tape. Take a look.

Posted by fred1st at June 7, 2002 10:35 AM

Now that I have discovered your blog, I had to start
at it's beginning. I read this post and laughed. My father would have done the same thing! Too bad you did not post a picture of yourself with the phone hat! LOL!

Posted by: Sue at April 29, 2005 08:20 PM

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