June 07, 2002

The sky IS falling!

The sky IS falling! Tra-la...

No longer able to hide behind ignorance of what the rest of the world knows about global climate changes, the Bush Administration feigns helplessness and continues business as usual.

In fact, the most startling figure in the report has nothing to do with snowfall or sea level. Instead, it's the official government prediction that U.S. production of greenhouse gases will rise 43 percent by 2020. We'll pour half again as much carbon dioxide into the planet's atmosphere 18 years from now - that's our promise.

It's as if a drunk had finally hit bottom, announced to friends and family that he accepted the fact that he was an alcoholic and that it was destroying his life - and then said that his plan was to drink three bottles a night from now on instead of two, and see if maybe he could find an artificial kidney.

Our addiction to oil (the wealth and power it brings to those who control it) is 'forcing' our 'leaders' to sell the planet's future health to get it. Can't we put these folks in some kind of rehab program for bipolar hydrocarbon addicts? Are there no 'countervailing market forces' we can bring to bear against this outrageous sell-out to greed and power? Are we still confused about what it is that the WORLD dislikes about America? Tra-la...

Posted by fred1st at June 7, 2002 08:45 AM
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