June 06, 2002

Things I hate, right

Things I hate, right at this moment

~~Fragment~~Heat. I hate heat. I hate myself when I'm hot. I don't sweat like normal people, the heat just stays in there raising my core temp to failsafe levels, and I shut down. My will to move vanishes, motivation dissipates, I wait all summer for late September. In early June (about right now), I have dreams of burying myself in the creekmud up to my neck, and staying there until the corn is ripe and I have something to live for.

~~Fragment~~Sounds I hate: 1) the sound of 37 miniature ponies with tap shoes = my hard drive defragging, and defragging, and... 2) gnats, Kamakaze gnats who give their lives to attack my auditory canal, nostrils and conjunctiva. Can't some of them hummm a different KEY! I'm going mad, I tell you! and 3) the 412th refrain of musak, holding for Olympus technical support, call number 6...that endless loop of 8 bars of lounge lizard documentary music.

~~Fragment~~I hate people who make lists of things they hate. They sound like Andy Rooney. And don't ya just hate Andy Rooney?

Posted by fred1st at June 6, 2002 02:23 PM
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