June 06, 2002

It's official: I'm an

It's official: I'm an OLD FART!

I have truly lost touch with the pulse of American family life. I confess that I only saw ONE episode of the Simpsons (correction: make that SOUTHPARK, but I only saw one episode of the Simpsons too) before pulling the plug on that piece of pigpoop (sorry, watch your language, Fred). And now, I have already decided NOT to purchase any of the Osbourne Family memorabilia soon to hit the shelves.

The Osbournes, America's new first family, are planning a big push at the Licensing Show in Gotham, Tuesday through June 13, betting their wacky MTV rocker reality will play well on sleepwear, dartboards, backpacks and a voice-activated plush bear that yells "I'm the f---ing prince of darkness!"

Many of the toys talk ("Shut the f--- up and go to bed" and "I'm not cleaning up the dogs---, I'm a f---ing rock star!"); others are edited for a general audience. Lola the dog just wrapped up a photo shoot for a new calendar. Other merchandise includes action figures, socks and key chains.

Ya young whippersnappers! Ya oughta be happy with a Davy Crockett coonskin Cap, dang ya!

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