June 04, 2002

You CAN get there

You CAN get there from here!

I have created a WebPipe tour of a few selected portions of my 'old' webpage. Frankly, the webpage these days is like an abandoned mineshaft, creaking, dank, with dust settled thickly on all its surfaces, since I started 'blogging'.

Maybe parts are worth a visit, though. Especially you might like some of the images. If you do, and let me know by way of the comments (either weblog comments, or page comments in the WebPipe), and I will put some more here from time to time.

'nuff said. If you want to try this out, go to the Goose Creek Webpipe. I will probably move this link to the left sidebar after a week or so, and it will be 'permanently' attached to the weblog...for a while. Hope you enjoy it, both of you.

Posted by fred1st at June 4, 2002 09:42 PM
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