June 03, 2002

Clown relocation program There

Clown relocation program

There are so many good reasons to appreciate this picture from the Billings Gazette, suggested by headline at Random Walks today..

1) You have always hated clowns in general. Period. You are not alone, visit the ihateclowns forum.

2) You hate Ronald McDonald in particular. It could be argued he is the caloric counterpart, in purpose and health outcome, to Joe Camel (who had his humps cut off a while back). Is Ronald next?

3) You dislike McDonalds Corporation of the Cosmos as Ronald's parent company for any one of a large number of reasons...take your pick: The ISSUES are too numerous to detail, but take a look at this extensive site of greivances against our orange haired fiend's family.. You'll get the idea.

Well Ronald, you are an easy and perhaps appropriate target for individual indignation, subject to a lynching from groups opposing cruelty to animals, cheap exploitation of children, false advertizing, mistreatment of employees, destruction of tropical forests for cheap meat production, supplanting local quisine in small town America and Europe's great city centers, nutritional poisoning, and more. Other than that, you're a really likable kinda guy...always smiling and McHappy! Well, see ya hanging around.

Posted by fred1st at June 3, 2002 07:01 AM
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