June 01, 2002

~Nothing but a minnow~

~Nothing but a minnow~

Here is another little detail of life from our place that I never would have taken the time to see...just another minnow. I am operating in wonderfully slow speed, for the time present.

I have seen these 3" fellas before in both our creeks, knew that the males were rather gawdy during their breeding time in early summer. I couldn't get enough detail, though, to identify them...a long shot even with one in my hand, not having much in the way of ichthyological taxonomy in my background.

Today (while Ann was gone to 'downtown Floyd') I took a beer and the binoculars, and just sat on the bank, perched a few feet higher than the water, by a well lit patch of Goose Creek. There is no doubt about it. This familiar, now forever known, co-habitor of this piece of world is the Mountain Red Dace. Thank you, Virginia Tech Virtual Aquarium, for the image, and Petersons Field Guide to Freshwater Fishes for the positive ID!

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