Wayward Virginian: A 1000 Miles Home /Part 4

A father-son story in four parts, this is part four. Hope you’ve enjoyed the journey. — Fred and Nathan First “I wonder where I’ll sleep tonight and, Lordy, what Fiction lies ahead. By this time tomorrow I could be in anything from three feet of snow to a choir of angels, but I’ve got some … Continue reading Wayward Virginian: A 1000 Miles Home /Part 4

Wayward Virginian Part III

by Nathan First, Special to the Press ~ a father-son story of a thousand-mile rite of passage Part One Part Two In the month it took to walk through New England, you might have thought I’d have gotten wiser for the wear. In Connecticut, after a few hundred miles of back roads, I decided that … Continue reading Wayward Virginian Part III

Wayward Virginian ~ Part Two

This is the second part of a four part run in which father (me) and son (Nathan, author of Parts 2 and 3) describe our variant perspectives of his long back-roads walk home in 2000–from Bar Harbor, Maine to Goose Creek in Floyd County, Virginia. Part one is here. This time, Nate tells his side … Continue reading Wayward Virginian ~ Part Two

Wayward Virginian ~ Part One

When our son, Nathan, brought home a 1940s-vintage manual typewriter at Thanksgiving break our first autumn here on Goose Creek (in 1999) our curiosity was aroused. The muffled tick-tick-ching of the keys and carriage return upstairs rattled late into the night, long after the old folks had gone to bed. What could be going on … Continue reading Wayward Virginian ~ Part One

Dog Gone: But Not for Long

Spoiler for the Hurried: Pet Tracker uses GPS to keep up with wayward pets. One of us is a permissive pet owner who is willing to spend countless hours a year either hollering or searching for the dog or waiting frantically at home for him to come home on his own. He deserves, yea it … Continue reading Dog Gone: But Not for Long