Leaf-blown: The Wind from Hell

leafblower noise fallows atlantic The guy lived two blocks away in our in-town community, so however agitated it made me, his nearest neighbors  probably took turns calling the sheriff's department every Saturday and/or Sunday morning in the fall and spring to complain (to no avail) when the leaf blower cranked up. Out of curiosity I walked up that dead-end block once just to see what massive landscaping project might require the use of a military-grade wind generator.  The homes and yards were modest and small there, as I expected. So the Blower Guy could … Continue Reading ››

The Earth Has Ears

nature fungus tree-ear virginia blue-ridge
Tree-ear fungus
I'm having returning waves of nausea after accidentally allowing malevolent rays in through the closed drapes I had hoped would quarantine me from bizarro world. By way of a chink in the blinks came recent news items belching details of the ongoing stranger-than-fiction conversion to the post-truth world, where enemies of the environment control the EPA, friends of the 1% control budget and economics,  and friends of the NRA and fans of war control the Defense Department, and so on and so on. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the seasons … Continue Reading ››

You Can’t Plant a Forest

Merwin you can't plant a forest SustainFloyd Floyd Virginia "You can't plant a forest." This was one the things spoken by poet WS Merwin in last night's final SustainFloyd Movie Night at the Floyd Country Store. The poignancy of the short, simple statement might have escaped notice by some, even in the audience of Floyd's more-than-average eco-aware. Those words carried  a personal message for me,  hearing yesterday in the near distance the two-hundredth mature hardwood crack when the felling notch was complete. They topple crackling through the broken branches of collateral-damage standers-by, falling, one and then another, … Continue Reading ››

Take Two Pine Cones and Call Me in the Morning

pinecones800 Our prescription for an easy fire is this: just toss a couple of cones under the kindling. Then, if you must, use a match. But if you have time, wait for the resin to ignite from last night's coals. It has been a good year for the pines on Goose Creek. Not only have they produced a copious supply of cones (and the released seeds our chickens forage for under them) but good for us--the woody "leaves" of the cone this year are heavy with highly-flammable resin. We have, next to the kindling … Continue Reading ››

Prescription for the Future: Leave Carbon in the Ground

U.S. Department of the Interior National Park Service image
U.S. Department of the Interior National Park Service image
...or put it back by planting trees and changing how we do agriculture. Neither of these is going to happen. Not now. Not in Trump's America Inc. It would not have happened in HRC's plans either, for that matter, but it's the Wild Wild West now--sidearms included. This would have been good news once upon a time: the biggest-ever single formation of gas and petroleum potential has been discovered in the panhandle of Texas. Texas Tea--total … Continue Reading ››

Photos and Front Porch Musing from Floyd County Virginia