Intramural Murine Mortality

Pardon my alliterative exuberance. This phrase is simply a fancy way of describing what we've just seen here at our house. Or I should most certainly say SMELLED.We live in a place with miles and miles of forests around us. The wildlife was here first and our shelter is their shelter. I can't blame them for wanting to get in out of the rain and cold. I'm just happy that only certain of our faunal co-inhabitants are small enough to live--and die--in our walls.Small comfort to learn that not a few of our friends and neighbors have had … Continue Reading ››

Tab A in Slot B: Getting my Shop Together

So as of yesterday, I now have full inventory of all 25 notecards. It took about a month longer than I thought it would.Anything that could go wrong, pretty much did, but ended up being a small ripple on the larger pond. And all of this kerfuffle is really just up-front disorder and static that goes with any new undertaking never tried before. Nothing ventured…What I have learned so far is that just because people have been enthusiastic about the cards in person does not mean they will find them online and scoop them off the digital shelves … Continue Reading ››

A Horse is a Horse and People are Gray

I found myself whistling as we drove to or from a soccer game with the grand daughters over the weekend.Why I retrieved this one particular tune from the cobwebs I will never know."I'll bet you two don't have any idea where that tune came from" I challenged.They thought they sort of knew, but couldn't come up with the name of the show.I even gave them a hint. It's about a horse, I told them."OOOH I know! I know!" exclaimed Taryn, the six year old. Her older sister snorted. "You do NOT know what you're talking about."I relented. "The … Continue Reading ››

Creature Feature: Carolina Chameleon

We're minding the home front down on the Carolina coast for my daughter while she and hubby are away at a meeting.Other than two soccer games and one birthday party, we havent gotten far from the home base.One of these days I will have to come down with the intention of getting out to a seashore wildlife preserve with my camera. The back porch was as far as I made it this trip, and this was the extent of the wildlife available.My 6-yr-old photographic assistant could not resist getting too close too fast to our subject--a Carolina Anole. I suffered … Continue Reading ››
Screen Shot 2014-04-12

Cost of Doing Business: Upgrades

I am at a certain time of life when everything I own (including my own personal body) is wearing out.I pulled on my favorite work pants last week and the knee ripped open. The same day, a favorite shirt gave way at the elbow as I slid my arm into the sleeve.I sport a manly scar on my cheek from last week's plastic-surgery for skin CA  take three. The parts are failing, breaking down, aging out.Things fall apart. Thank goodness for the surgical option. And for needle and thread. And for upgrades when our technological things fall apart.  A guy … Continue Reading ››
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