Setting Moon

There have been some issues with the blog overnight, I learned this morning, so am not sure this will post, will post correctly or will persist in the corrupted blog database.Don't ask me. I just type here. I am hoping our ever-vigilant server buddy will be able to untangle the wires that the rats have chewed up and reconnect Fragments properly for the foreseeable future--whatever fiction that refers to.So here is a morning shot just before the moon dipped below the treeline out my office window.Why does it feel like Friday already? And what does that possibly have to do with … Continue Reading ››

Wikileaks: Black Ops Now With Halo

OR: The enemy of my enemy is my friend?Now Wikileaks, once vilified as an enemy of the state, is the goose that may lay the October Surprise egg, and the media says bring it on.If we legitimize and then swallow whole the flood of “new revelations” faster than they can be properly chewed and digested, the American public may look back and do the Dope Slap after it has jumped too far too fast in the wrong direction.The inherent peril in trusting whatever WikiLeaks dumps on us - Chicago Tribune "Mainstream media outlets, by eagerly trafficking in these stolen goods … Continue Reading ››

Photos and Front Porch Musing from Floyd County Virginia