A Solution for *CMS Disease

IMG_0293Lonesome480What th' WHAT?The answer to writer's block, I'm afraid. Trolling through the few images from the past month this is the one that was by far the most unusual.I confessed a few blog posts back (which at one time would have meant a few days and lately a few weeks) that I had pulled the guitar out of moth balls. I'm pulling lyrics and chords of the¬†Internet. That's the easy part.But remember chords and words at the same time--a bit more of a challenge. So I need memory aids.I … Continue Reading ››

Currier and Ivy-er

IMG_5340HouseSnow480Every winter, I hear it: "Take some pictures of the house."She says it lightly, as if doing the Dr. Zivago across the whited planes, putting face and hands at frost-bite risk, standing stark still in the single-digit morning light was the most casual touristy snapshot.So here's the image from Winter '15-16. Currier and Ives, eat your heart out. Here is our "Old Farm House." Click the image above to enlarge; detail matters.

Persistent Purple Polypores

IMG_5235purplePolypores480I confess I don't do the wood work I once did to bring in a winter's worth of firewood. I have taken to buying my wood (from Rob Cluxton) and adding a cord or two on my own from what ends up on the ground of natural causes.But there were two standing-dead trees that taunted me every time we made the pasture loop, jeering that "a real man wouldn't let easy wood go to rot." But I gave up dropping standing trees some years back after being nominated for … Continue Reading ››

Photos and Front Porch Musing from Floyd County Virginia