Committees. Commitment. Community: Common Unity.

We just celebrated, at Thanksgiving, our fifteenth year of living in the Floyd County outback. We are isolated, sequestered, cloistered in this deep valley and there is good in that separation and solitude. Humans need and seek out just this kind of apartness when they must think completely and clearly and when they feel the urgency to stay connected to home ground of self and soil.And yet, as I've put on pages over the years, we are social animals. The blog was an attempt--and ultimately a successful attempt--to connect with community; to join skills and passions with others; to find … Continue Reading ››

Wednesday Wordless Wanderer

I'm staring out the window again, sports fans. I think I done lost my mojo for good this time. I've reached that dreaded blogger cross-roads where, looking in all possible directions, I've already been down that road before.In such situations, one logically resorts to their image archives. And such is the case today. The usual outcome of this image search is a string of words that stream out of the image.In this case, I'll just let you stream your own words about this one-of-a-kind compositions from Chez First. I think I'll get dressed and wander aimlessly outside--instead of inside--for a … Continue Reading ››

Nature is Not our Golden Egg if We Kill the Goose

Do you think that the chief purpose of natural places and communities of the planet is for human transformation into more and more human stuff forever? Or do forests or coral reefs or estuaries have rights to legal protection (as much as now afforded to corporations)?Communities not unlike Floyd County's population are impacted today by coal ash storage ponds that will contaminate their aquifers; they live downstream from mountaintop coal mining; they suffer genetic deformities in their newborns because of toxic industrial waste abandoned by the industries that created them.Citizens of Floyd County have recently faced the real threat of … Continue Reading ››

Photos and Front Porch Musing from Floyd County Virginia