Day on the Ponds


I have unnecessarily dreaded the blistering heat I expected for our July visit to West Plains, Missouri to visit the wife's family.

It will be hot enough for mountain folk, but tolerable enough that we'll get down to the ponds this afternoon to catch green sunfish and catfish for a fish-fry tonight on the deck in the cool of the evening.

Meanwhile I'm seeing more flowering plants that are new to me, and hearing more from the "local ag extension" end of things by way … Continue Reading ››


2014-07-28 07-00-09 -0500Considerations. I love that word. It literally means to think together under the stars.Some in deep meditation consider their belly buttons. Here at first light, I consider my toes.These be traveling feet. A new day, a new place to be. I gotta go.

My Water Is Our Water

groundwater670There is NIMBY. Understandably, that is seen as an "all about me" attitude, dismissive of the harm done to others as long as I or my interests are not directly damaged.But in Floyd, there is NIMWS. Not In My Watershed. It is a larger concern than NIMBY. What happens to you matters to me. Briefly, here's why the pipeline is a water issue involving all of us who live here.Water will be a high-level concern when considering the possible long-term impacts of the proposed Mountain Valley pipeline across Floyd County. Our Blue … Continue Reading ››

A Day in the Woods

I confess I too seldom take time these days to recharge my batteries by getting away from home, away from the computer, away from various obligations and commitments and duties.I realize the cost of that missing element when, like yesterday, I take a botanizing walk with guy-friends and remember how much fun that is--not to mention enriching.One of us kept at least a partial list of things we identified and those we never quite figured out.I am inordinately thrilled to have observed a lily I have never seen. Adding a newly-identified flowering plant to my life list is not a common occurrence. I … Continue Reading ››
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Photos and Front Porch Musing from Floyd County Virginia