Storytelling in the Digital Age

Jonathan Kingston on the crest of Buffalo Mountain, Floyd County Virginia, at sunset.
It is all about the light we are given. The stories we tell "come to light" first through specialized nerve endings in eye and ear, then through the synthesis of what we see (and touch and hear, taste and smell) with what we image, hope, believe or fear.There have always been storytellers. It is what we do, how we comprehend the world around us--weaving sight into insight,  fact into meaning and context. Our stories make sense … Continue Reading ››

Nature Hike on Goose Creek: Sign Up!

The Flow of Things
Goose Creek--the headwaters of the South Fork of the Roanoke River
Take a slow, intentional-attentive walk in the woods with naturalist-photographer-author Fred First. Focus will be on the bigger-picture understanding of ecology and geology of this southern Appalachian landscape but especially will focus on the finer early-autumn details of fern, flower and forest. Turn rocks in the creeks, scratch and sniff, be fully aware in nature, nurture an appreciation for your own personal WHERE. Light refreshments of local food and drink provided to conclude … Continue Reading ››

Poultry Palace Complete

Coop installation by Karl Black of Black Hawk Construction who also put up the garden shed a few years back.
So you long-time readers might remember the great Chickalanche of the winter of 2014. All the snow off the barn roof came down with a swoosh onto our chicken pen and destroyed it. (And one of us got to say I TOLD YOU SO but we won't go there.)And then one of us insisted that we needed once more to offer our well-fed hens to whatever creatures get a … Continue Reading ››

Blood Moon Rising

Personally, I have not been convinced that our lives are influenced by planetary alignment or other celestial events. But in the case of the "Blood Moons" of 2015, the heavens might indirectly with humanity's help bring about earthly events that will be impossible to miss.My concern is that the end-times "prophesy" [see links at bottom] coming largely from the pulpits of two preachers might play into the intentions and hopes if ISIS for their own apocalyptic final chapter. They are all a-twitter, gleeful as their Final Battle comes closer. The Blood Moon frenzy is only likely to throw gasoline on … Continue Reading ››

tEWWWsday (Snake)Tales

Collage was easy with the help of Fotor app for Mac.
EWWWW! Is a gut response usually reserved for spiders and snakes.  Somewhere deep in our collective memory we carry a native fear buoyant on a  deep layer of disgust when it comes to certain kinds of animal. Plants, not so much.I, OTOH, rather enjoy having both spiders and snakes a part of our warm-season co-inhabitants and have recently shared a celebration in webs.But what I am realizing here past mid-way through the summer of 2015 is … Continue Reading ››
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Photos and Front Porch Musing from Floyd County Virginia