Season of Sprouts: Family Children

IMG_6311PrincessDancingThis is perhaps the most memorable quote of the summer--so far.Overheard from the back seat on the 800 mile trip from home to Goose Creek, the four year old offers this bit of wisdom to no one in particular.  And later, she performs for no apparent reason in the kitchen,  bouncing between the kitchen counters and the fridge.What a puny stage for a beautiful budding ballerina!And I've already shared about the brief visit of the grands during the short break between the last day of school and the first day of vacation. … Continue Reading ››

Not Sleeping In

No I'm not sleeping in these days nor have I run out of things to say. You kidding?I just seem to be juggling cats most all the time any more and wondering in years past where I found the time to spend filling this page with dog and snake stories, grampa tales and avuncular pronouncements about things environmental.Below: some of what I've been up to by way of a "story" I created (with a few images also from Andy M) from Saturday's Floyd Market Breakfast, organized and made to happen by SustainFloyd and a lot of great community volunteers. Continue Reading ››

Breakfast at the Market for Dad’s Day

So after a bit of rain to make our gardens happy, the weekend is looking SUPER for the SustainFloyd Market Breakfast for Father's Day. You are coming? Right?I will know if you are not there and make a personal follow-up to find out what terrible injury or unfortunate legal or domestic hindrance was the cause for our not seeing you there. I'll be selling tickets--like hotcakes--from 8:30 to 10-ish.🎯  For those of you who read this AND ASK for it, I will have twenty copies of What We Hold in Our Hands to give you for free--a neighbor to neighbor donation … Continue Reading ››

This Bountiful Land: Pasture First Cutting

AbbyTarynHaybales-03_680It was not the purpose for cutting and baling hay that the grands have a place to play King (er Queen) of the Mountain.But the fact that they invented their own entertainment and burned off some youthful energy in the process (with digital devices nowhere in sight) is one pleasant side-effect of last week's haying.The purpose, of course, was to power the growth of meat animals who will digest the tens of thousands of round bales cut in Floyd County and turn it into protein for growing bodies like those of … Continue Reading ››

Second Week: June Books Sale

IMG_2503rainboxBookSale680And oh it is such a nice week in June with low humidity, cool nights and pleasantly-warm days. Lots of hay-making going on.And you know to make hay while the sunshines, so you also know to order books while the sale shines.Thanks to those who have ordered, I have a shipment going to the PO tomorrow, so it won't be long until they arrive at your door.If you've been waiting, don't. The rains will come and winds will blow and your hay will be all lodged over and go to waste. … Continue Reading ››
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Photos and Front Porch Musing from Floyd County Virginia