Spring Beauties

trilliumWhite_680Actually, Spring Beauties is another flowering plant that now that I think of it, is probably blooming just up the road.Here is Trillium grandiflorum, white phase. It can also emerge as a light to medium shade of pink.About 9:00 of a morning, the light tops the east ridge, sending angled shafts of sunlight through the trees. Branches are still only partially filled out as leaves slowly emerge.If you keep your eyes open, you can sometimes find one of those beams of light from 90 million miles away where it falls just so, onto and … Continue Reading ››

The Biology of Vocation

bioluminescentShark650There was a time when, on this blog, I posted a couple of times a week about some new discovery from the natural world or about some oddity or creature feature that amazed me. That, after all, is who I am: a professional and professed tree hugger.That crowd of former biology-receptive readers has wandered off elsewhere, so I don't have so much to say about my private delight in the natural world, where even here on the back nine, I continue to marvel at what we learn and at what we … Continue Reading ››

Once, Never Twice, Upon a Time

nametags650Crestwood--the Birmingham neighborhood where I lived during my four years at Woodlawn High--was indeed, once upon a time, a wooded crest at the tip of the very southern-most Appalachian Mountains. Baby boomer demand for houses turned it, in my childhood, into a sprawling brick-ranch suburb on the flanks of the Atlanta highway.I clearly remember on one of those sloping lots arose the "house that was built in a day"--as new houses popped up like mushrooms on a wet lawn and Woodlawn slowly became the old part of town.On the Saturday morning … Continue Reading ››

Photos and Front Porch Musing from Floyd County Virginia