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Monkshood-related Vine
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...and the answer to yesterday's Puzzler, below.But the flower you see here is one I don't know to species. It looks like Monkshood (see the cowl?) but is a weak climbing vine. It was growing supported by various wet-meadow annuals like cinnamon fern and such in partial shade.If I don't figure it out, I'll ask an expert at the "bioblitz" in Rock Castle Gorge next weekend. Somebody will know it and I'll have added another one … Continue Reading ››

Anthill of Floyd Elementary Potato-Diggers

Potato Frenzy at Floyd School Farm from fredfirst on Vimeo.This image quality is not the best, but the Hyperlapse exposure at 6x normal speed gives you an idea of the energy of these kids yesterday at the Floyd County school garden on 221.And I have questions: what is required to show young children in public places like a blog? I think parents signed permissions but not sure so won't post images not blurred by super-speed![There is no sound since audio compressed to 6x would only be comprehensible to a trucker on energy … Continue Reading ››

Quality of Life: The Little Things

Unplanted GardenWhile having the Forester's oil changed yesterday, I took a short walk to this roadside meadow. And I thought back to all the places I've had my oil changed over the years.I have reached the conclusion that being able to botanize and photograph along the Blue Ridge Parkway is my lifetime favorite place to have my car serviced. In the summer.No noise. No trash. No busy. No ugly.Click on the image for the larger view and see how many of the wildflowers you can name.Now back to … Continue Reading ››

Business With Pleasure: Storytelling With Purpose

Nola Albert tells her story to Jonathan Kingston, 2009
Nola Albert tells her story to Jonathan Kingston, 2009
So several things are or will soon be taking more of my attention, even while the impulse to share by way of this irrelevant blog keeps begging for some share of my attention and I cannot refuse it.First, the new notion and intention to tell the personal stories behind the vendors and farmers and volunteers and members of SustainFloyd. This is a developing "working group" in whose future elaboration I am involved, … Continue Reading ››
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