Doggy Delegation: I Come in Peace

A year ago, every time the neighbors shaggy white dog Feather would appear at the margins of our property, Gandy would bristle and charge and invariably run Feather back across enemy lines.About three months ago, something changed between them. The two dogs, about the same age and size, came to some kind of an agreement. In one of the clauses it must have stated the terms:1) Feather comes and goes as she pleases but Gandy agrees to remain close enough to home to hear us calling, and NEVER goes to visit at Feather's house.2) Feather will arrive not later than … Continue Reading ››

Gravel Exudes Mystery Salts

This is one of the more obscure images ever posted on this blog.IMG_4021gravel480And it's exact nature is at question. It is a precipitate from crush-and-run gravel that, if located in an outdoor setting in the sun and rain would look like regular gravel.This was observed in a location under roof of an extensive metal building in which a great deal of farm equipment is housed.The owner is distraught to find that the entire floor of gravel from a local quarry looks as if it has been strewn with popcorn or crispy … Continue Reading ››

Future Fuels for Free?

There are enough possibilities for this topic that are based on solid science to warrant a longer look for me, and then there is some over-statement and razzle-dazzle as well. I will let you wander and browse the links and videos on the web sources listed here and you can make your own judgment about it all.N Tesla’s experiments from more than 100 years ago apparently transmitted electricity over a distance of some miles without wires. This is not the same as transmitting radio waves. This is getting electricity from point A to power devices at point B. The story … Continue Reading ››

Creek Jots 25 March 15

SITTING IS THE NEW CIGARETTE SMOKING:If I was still advising patients about lifestyle choices, I’d most likely advocate that many of them cut calories but also reduce their sitting by half. “But my job requires computer work” they’d counter. And I’d say “There’s an app for that.” I’m considering a standing workstation for my desk at home.Varidesk: Turn any desk into a standing desk Treadmill Desk & Standing Desks: Workout at Work with a TreadDesk THE RELENTLESS WHINE OF MOSQUITOES IN MY HEAD:Tinnitus. Ringing in the ears. Mine is more like high-pitched insect noises. I mostly … Continue Reading ››
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