End of the Age: A Splendidly Disturbing Time

We toured the 31 outdoor wooden "sculptures" in a distant Floyd County field with both our imaginations and the creating artist's names and a brief hint at explanations about each piece staged over a half mile winding trail.The one pictured here is called the "Harvester" and the artist, Charlie Brouwer, explains it this way.Charlie says "While mowing the grass one day, I realized that in a way, I was harvesting it. Later I read a parable about harvesting. Jesus explained it by saying "The  harvest is the end of the age and the angels are the harvesters."I decided I'd … Continue Reading ››

Waters Below. And Beyond.

From start to finish, horizontal fracturing (fracking) is a last-gasp means of making money at the cost of water.Every deep-well extraction requires up to 7 million gallons of water (combined with a cocktail of some 500 chemicals). A single well can be fracked up to 18 times. 18 x 7,000,000 x the number of existing wells plus the new ones that have to go in every day to take the place of the wells that have already stopped producing.That's water that once was useful for human and animal drinking, for crop irrigation, for making the family meal. Not any longer, … Continue Reading ››


I think I had something to say on perspective but I lost mine before I could get it down.Somehow I ended up at security.google.com. If you use gmail, might want to give your google records a good look. Under RECENT ACTIVITY/View all Events, and having received no alerts from Google whatsoever, I find a log-in to my gmail account from Washington DC less than a week ago. Weren't me.So if someone successfully logged into my account, I have to assume they had my password.So whatever perspective I had and at an hour past and wanted to share has left the building. Having … Continue Reading ››

When to Say NO

I'm sorry to focus so often lately on the intended assault on Floyd and other adjacent counties by the planned interstate 42 inch natural (fracked) gas pipeline that will stretch more than 300 miles from West Virginia to the North Carolina border of Virginia.I will let the image express how the thought of such a thing disturbs all of us--not just our neighbors in direct line of the pipe. The current maps could bear no resemblance to the ultimate route, so we all stand at risk just now.Here's what a 42 inch pipe looks like going in. It would be excavated … Continue Reading ››

It’s a Gas. But Not So Natural

Last night  there was a public meeting for sharing information about the current status of knowns and unknowns about the EQT-NextERA Mountain-Valley pipeline proposed to pass through 13 counties of West Virginia and Virginia--Floyd being one of them.It was a super event, with (just guessing) 120 people attending.One of the facts mentioned was the very real possibility of a pipeline explosion. Someone asked about the diameter of the  "blast crater" and the answer was that it depended on the size of the pipe and the pressure it was under at the time of the explosion.So go figure. We're slated to … Continue Reading ››
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Photos and Front Porch Musing from Floyd County Virginia