What Alternatives Beyond Alternatives?

[Morning pages inspired by  this article, which I highly recommend. Abundant Clean Renewables? Think Again!]I confess I was not paying sufficient attention in the one snooze-worthy economics class I took as an undergrad elective. Spreadsheets are so cold and lifeless to a young tree-hugger.Now, after a half century of hugging, I realize the absolute importance of economics to those trees. Nature: it's the economy, stupid! There is complete overlap--not complete separation--between the circle of our life-needs and the circle of the physical, natural world out of which those needs are met. We ARE the environment.My boomer-cohorts and I … Continue Reading ››

Gone to the Dog. And When She Says GO

Now wait a minute. Those of you who once snarked that Fragments had become "all Gandy all the time" have no paws to stand on. It's been a while. And over the intervening years since Tsuga passed three years ago December 5, my dog lover-readers have wandered off to Facebook anyway.Meanwhile, Gandy of Goose Creek (Gandy, ostensibly the female counterpart of gander) has become the Dog of the House, her eyes ever-watching from her throne--the loveseat where Tsuga could go with permission, and now, where we might rest--with permission. The dog and I make a great napping pair, when she … Continue Reading ››

Overstuffed Thanksgetting

“The world is too much with us, late and soon. Getting and spending we lay waste our powers. Little we see in nature that is ours. We have given our hearts away…” Wordsworth
If the Earth was a conscious being capable of feeling pain and loss, Black Friday would be the one day of the year it would dread the most. And the "holiday season" that stretches from November (increasingly starting the day after Halloween) through January 1 of the following year would be a dreaded time of general dysfunction and malaise that would every year leave the patient increasingly diminished, … Continue Reading ››
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Every Step You Take

Google's watching you.Go to while logged into any google app like g-mail. Turn back the calendar and follow your tracks anywhere your phone went on any given day.You can also turn on timestamps for any given time after you left home with your phone turned on and Google maps active.And you think Google doesn't use this information, or that they wouldn't give your geographic data points up in a heartbeat with the right kind of 'national security' claims?This map shows our travels one day while in Mississippi last month.Is this something the average user would ever find useful? Maybe. If … Continue Reading ››
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Chasing a Livable Future in Floyd

Someone in last night's audience for the 16th SustainFloyd Movie Series event--the presentation of the movie, Chasing Ice--suggested that perhaps things would go differently in our actions towards personal change in the light of climate chaos if all politicians were required to come face to face with the 75 minutes of documented facts in this movie: the undeniable retreat of glaciers in Iceland, Greenland and Alaska over the period of just a few recent years.Nah. There are sadly too many people whose power depends on denial, inaction and keeping the people misinformed and off-balance but diverted into  a sense of … Continue Reading ››
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Photos and Front Porch Musing from Floyd County Virginia