Life Forms

I am continually amazed at the way life makes a living on this planet, and everywhere I look.Spending a good bit of time, now and then, at the microscope, I've not failed to find things alive in the oddest places. The black plastic on my wood stacks holds just enough water between storms to brew a batch of rotifers. Did the stork drop them there as babies?This morning, I finally took the clippers behind the house to take out a volunteer poplar that did not belong so close to the house.Pictured above, what I found at the base of the … Continue Reading ››

To Have Written

► Read and research, refine and reduce to key points, consolidate the pieces and write a blog post to an immediate and responsive audience.► Read and research, refine and reduce to key points, consolidate the pieces and plug into an existing or new place in the book skeleton to a hoped-for readership whose eyes may or may not ever see the end results.The first morning routine is much more rewarding if there are readers hearing me at the time I say something. The second, an extreme case of deferred gratification and taking far more work than a mere blog post. … Continue Reading ››

Perseids: Zzzipp! Pop! Wowww!

The last remarkable Perseid meteor performance before this one was in 1999. We were living on Walnut Knob and our son, Nathan, was home from college for the summer.Ann and I gave up on the skywatch early that August 12 and headed to bed. Nate stayed up most of the night, sitting on the ridge across the road on Max Thomas’s sloping hillside, not content to miss a single hurtling incandescent sand grain as it hit Earth’s atmosphere.He was speechless the next morning at breakfast, in awe of the display he’d witnessed--greens and blues, persistent tails, and for a few those … Continue Reading ››

GPS Down: Lost is Space. Time. And Money

Developed by the military, GPS is everywhere. We depend on it for military, civilian and commercial tracking of cargo ships, cars, trains, orbiting satellites of all stripes, and items easily geo-tagged with a trackable chip.A moving lattice of 31 GPS satellites orbit the earth at about 12.000 miles such that at any one time, something like Google Maps can read your position by 6 or more satellites to triangulate your position, speed and direction of travel. Unless...What was vastly complex, expensive and rare--jamming or spoofing GPS signals--today is simple, cheap and common. And increasingly dangerous to a world become dependent … Continue Reading ››
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