Down to Earth: Toasted Marshmallow Mushrooms

Let's just say I need to pay way more attention for a day or three to what goes on under my feet than to what goes on in this Chinese Fire Drill of a world of ours.All world and no play makes Fred a dull boy.So today, other than slashing up some final-crop tomatoes into freezer bags, I'm off duty. I leave you with this image I remember taking but not exactly where I took it.I do recall it was some stuffy place where a grown man down on his knees in the foundation mulch probably entered the conversation around the … Continue Reading ››

Watershed Moment

Last night's gathering at the Floyd EcoVillage Celebration Hall was a confluence in time and space of so many people who care about and are willing to act on behalf of this special landscape.The notion that Floyd's water is the fluid foundation for both agriculture and human culture in this county has been bubbling to the surface now for a decade. Last night was the high-water mark, to be sure--the culmination of more than a year of work and planning. Congrats to all who played a part.Here is the final product:
But no matter where you're from, your community has … Continue Reading ››

Growing the Future: Support LOCAL

Good News! Every dollar you give in support of SustainFloyd's community-based projects brings THREE dollars  to support local farmers, school lunches, educational programs and more!This matching offer gives each of us leverage towards better diets and nutrition, better understanding of our relationship to the land, and a stronger, healthier community.As a non-profit organization, SustainFloyd depends on donations to keep our community services going strong. Your contribution will help us support the Floyd Farmers Market, fund … Continue Reading ››

What Color Is This Mushroom?

In Alabama, we'd say it was ray-ud.All I know is that on an overcast chilly day last week, it was dazzling in its contrast to an otherwise lifeless monochrome forest floor already starting to get its carpet of fallen leaves.This lovely fall fungus is known by some as scarlet hood or scarlet wax cap.We call it that ray-ud one that comes up on the middle path in the late summer when the leaves begin to fall.
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Photos and Front Porch Musing from Floyd County Virginia