A Life-Changing Discovery: Bacteria That Don’t Eat

I used to ask the question in biology class: why do we eat?The logical and most common answer, of course, was "because we get hungry.""But why do we get hungry" I asked them back?"Because our stomachs are empty."You get the picture. And it went around like this until students understood that when they said "I'm hungry, I'm thirsty, I'm tired..." they were at bottom, making statements about the conditions of their cells.And I would from there go on to describe the universal chemistry whereby electrons were stripped from "food" consumed in one way or another to eventually be picked up by the "universal … Continue Reading ››

This is My Father’s World

You perhaps know by now that Floyd County is on the map of the proposed route of a large inter-state natural gas pipeline.This has been rightly identified as an issue of stewardship appropriate for consideration by congregations across the county.Heck--given the large number of churches in … Continue Reading ››

Simple Lines from Simpler Times

Sometimes in today's busy places you have to look really, really hard to find anything for your eyes to rest upon that gives you ease. This is especially true for me when waiting for tire repairs at a certain Christiansburg facility where the road is always being dug up again and more shoddy apartments and condos and commercial strips pile one upon the other, ad nauseum.So I was pleased to discover, wandering around back of the sterile noisy place, that even here in what I think of as the armpit of Montgomery County, there is a remnant patch of the farming community that once … Continue Reading ››

I Come to the Garden Alone

Another few weeks and Ann will be threatening me with my life if I bring in another five gallon bucket of tomatoes or beans or squash.This is a statement of faith, as anything can happen in love, war or summer gardens.Today, I'm going to anchor down the tomato cages, having learned from freak windstorms in years past that five foot tall fruit-laden plants are quite top-heavy. There's nothing quite so sickening as to go out after the storm has passed and find a dozen wire cages on their sides, the soil littered with a hundred green tomatoes.What I'll do first though, … Continue Reading ››

The Future: What Happens in Our Back Yards Today

I woke up this morning wondering what it was I thought about the potential of a 42" x 20 mile long natural gas pipeline across Floyd County. This is not an easy challenge to understand, even from how it settles in just one individual mind, cluttered as it is with opinion, fact, pseudo-fact, bias and the hope for clarity.So as I often do in these moments of muddy personal waters, I just let my fingers find the words. Or at least SOME words. There are thoughts about the notion of compiling written personal … Continue Reading ››
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Photos and Front Porch Musing from Floyd County Virginia