Life After Carbon

I’m pretending, as a fumbling fiction writer, that there will be a life after carbon. It is a thought and a hope I'd like to hold up as a possibility, though I hold serious doubts, because I do not think it possible any carbon will be left in the ground if we can get it out--up to the point where it takes a barrel of oil to produce a barrel of oil.One might think that this run on “unconventional reserves” of carbon in shale and tar sands that we're sadly witnessing now represents that last possible source of carbon-derived energy. … Continue Reading ››
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Creek Jots 01_22_2015

► I have not written in depth about synthetic biology here because the subject is not of interest to most regular visitors (yes there are certainly exceptions) and the topic is just becoming enormous in breadth, depth and relevance to life on the ground. Suffice it to say there are some encouraging signs that public (and scientific) concerns about escape into the wild of novel lab-created organisms may have an answer.► The MacPro has a new home. It took about an hour on FB. I did not want to have to resort to eBay or Craigslist so I'm … Continue Reading ››

What Goes Up: Doing the Math

I give you exhibits A and B--just two of literally thousands of pieces of information making it clear that, in the very near future, we need to be MORE rather than LESS open to what a wide mix of sciences tell us about trends regarding our oceans, soils, forest, and atmosphere. Failure to do so will be the most egregious act of folly of any disappeared civilization to date.The Methane Monster Roars  with Fred's highlights.How Many Gigatons of CO2? An infographicExhibit A: The link to the methane piece shows my copious annotations. It is the kind … Continue Reading ››

Longing: The South West Coast Trail

Totally opposed to my notion, nay my resolution--to use my time more wisely in the mornings, I once again found myself browsing at random by way of Google Earth. This is  a lens on the planet through which I could gaze--and learn--for entire days if I (or she) let myself.Thankfully then I suppose  it was a good thing that my old computer was sluggish touring the world through Google Earth. Unfortunately then I suppose it is not to my advantage that the new iMac with much more internal memory and much faster video card … Continue Reading ››
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